The Suffolk Coastal Local Plan, which covers the period to 2036, sets out the level of growth to be planned for, and identifies where that growth should be located and how it should be delivered.  It also contains planning policies which will be used to determine planning applications in the area.

The representations period runs from Monday 14th January to 17.00 Monday 25th February 2019.

Any representations received after this date may not be considered.  Only representations received within the period have a statutory right to be considered during the Examination.

The following documents are published as part of this representations period:

·         Suffolk Coastal Local Plan Final Draft,

·         Sustainability Appraisal Report – Assessing how the plan will help achieve environmental, economic and social objectives,

·         Consultation Statement – how we took into account comments from previous consultations.

·         Habitat Regulations Assessment – Assesses the impact of the plan on internationally protected habitats,

·         Equality Impact Assessment – Assessing the impact of the Final Draft Local Plan policies upon different sections of the community.

·         Duty to Cooperate Statement – how the Council cooperated with relevant authorities to maximise the effectiveness of Local Plan preparation in the context of strategic cross boundary matters,

·         Statement of Representations Procedure – how representations will be considered and where documents are available. A representation form and guidance note on how to make a representation are made available.

·         Evidence base to support the Local Plan, covering housing, employment and retail, the natural and historic environment, viability and commercial leisure.

To view the Final Draft Local Plan, supporting documents, evidence base and submit a representation, visit:

The first draft of the new Local Plan was published in July 2018 and the the consultation period for this ended on September 14 2018. There is a link to the document here

It was important that we expressed our views on possible developments within the village.  Copies of the Parish Council's response to this and the four villages bypass can be seen to the left under the Related Documents tab. After this initial consultation period SCDC reviewed the local plan and will take in to consideration views received by both organisations and individuals. A similar procedure will follow re the bypass although the progress will be dependent on approval at a higher level than SCC. 

If residents ever do wish to give an opinion on a planning related matter it is important to not only express your views about the individual site but to also mention the wider picture for what the development would mean for Campsea Ashe. You may like to mention ‘Infrastructure’ and ‘sustainability’ issues such as the road network, lack of doctors/dentist places,over-capacity in some local schools, lack of public transport, the need to drive to get to amenities etc., etc.