The first draft of the new Local Plan was published in July 2018 and the the consultation period for this ends on September 14 2018. There is a link to the document here. Please feel free to make appropriate comments as suggested below when the plan was in it's implementation. You can download the document and forms to comment on plus other information from this site. It is relatively easy to navigate. The pages of the draft Local Plan relevant are p.277/8 as these detail the only new site allocation in the village. However you may be interested in other proposed sites in the wider area and sites identified in the existing Local Plan which are carried forward which may have an impact on our infrastructure.

Previous information re the formulation of the Local Plan.

You may be aware that Suffolk Coastal District Council (SCDC) have started another review of their Local Plan. The first stage of this review was to consult on what is known as an 'Issue and Options Document'.

The ‘Issues and Options’ document - link to the full document here - contains details of ALL sites offered by land owners, agents and developers for potential development in the district. It is important to note that many of these potential sites will be totally inappropriate and will be rejected by SCDC Planning due to their unsuitability.

The actual consultation document is very long and the last section concerns sites offered for development. There were three sites in Campsea Ashe but many more in surrounding villages will also have an impact on the village, particularly on our transport infrastructure. Please remember that these sites have not been vetted by SCDC and may be totally unsuitable for many reasons. Many sites in the surrounding area have been suggested in the past and identified as ‘Unsuitable’ by SCDC for a number of different reasons. However, just because a site has been rejected before does not automatically mean it will be rejected again.

Therefore it was important that we expressed our views on these sites and possible developments within the village. An Extraordinary Meeting of the PC was held in October to gather views on this and the consultation re the four villages bypass on the A12. Copies of the Parish Council's response to both these consultations can be seen to the left under the Related Documents tab. After this initial consultation period (ending on 30th October) SCDC will be reviewing the local plan and will take in to consideration views received by both organisations and individuals. A similar procedure will follow re the bypass although the progress will be dependent on approval ata higher level than SCC. 

If residents ever do wish to give an opinion on a planning related matter it is important to not only express your views about the individual site but to also mention the wider picture for what the development would mean for Campsea Ashe. You may like to mention ‘Infrastructure’ and ‘sustainability’ issues such as the road network, lack of doctors/dentist places,over-capacity in some local schools, lack of public transport, the need to drive to get to amenities etc., etc.