The Parish Council made a decision in September 2022 to create a Neighbourhood Plan as the CAPC was becoming increasingly concerned about unwanted/inappropriate developments within its boundaries.

East Suffolk District Council have dertermined the whole area within the parish boundaries to be part of the Neighborhood Plan.  The Parish Council has chosen Rachel Leggett Associates as consultants and advisors in the process. This is envisaged to be a lengthy process and all residents have to be consulted throughout the process. Questionnaires and open meetings will form part of the consultation process and residents will have the opportunity to engage and add their views to shape the future of our village.

This page will be used to publish details of meetings including minutes plus relevant relevant documentation.

The first official meeting was held on 05/04/23 and a Steering Group was elected, compromising of seven residents and the clerk of CAPC. The minutes of this meeting is attached here. Within these minutes are more details of the terms of reference and members of the Steering Group.

There are still vacancies  on the Steering Group; if any residents wish to become more involved in the process please contact the Parish Clerk via email -